“Amal Medani, a third generation diplomat, is the founder of the Medani brand. Having worked and lived in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, travel is Amal’s essence.”

The colour is exquisite, as is the suppleness of the soft buttery leather and its voluptuous grain. The stitching and finishing are immaculate; the attention to detail superb. The practicality of the design is pure genius.

Gail O’Neil, Journalist, New York City, USA

The Kerma Bag

Travel. Work. Leisure

MEDANI delivers these in a package of contemporary and practical luxury, based on a unique modular concept that is smart enough to cater to all your travel, business meetings and even social events for each journey.

This particular the MEDANI Leisure Bag Collection, draws from museum inspired pieces and design influences such as from hieroglyphic script, semi-precious stones, pottery, as well as the dramatic blue-faience and gold jewelry evocative of the craftsmanship of the Ancient Civilization of Nubia.

Leisure bags

Retaining the functionality inherent in the brand’s DNA, these striking and joyful handbags are designed for days-off.


Mini Aida

Medani Brand Perspective

Resonant with the iconic quality of the jet-set’s golden age, Medani takes an intelligent approach to real-life travel where business and glamour are interrupted by relentless security checks.

Flexibility and preparedness are the keys to smooth travel.

Medani delivers these in a package of contemporary, practical luxury. Spacious, yet portable and carry-on friendly, the MedaniTravel Set is compact enough for everyday use yet equally at home in the front row of any fashion show.

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Medani has made an Everything Bag! When it arrived I wanted to saunter down Avenue Montaigne with airy fantasies in my head and the Medani on my shoulder, or whip it out in the boardroom to make colleagues green with envy. The passion and care behind the design of this beautiful piece are palpable. I am struck by the intelligence – to create a luxury item that enhances a real woman’s lifestyle with such pragmatism.

Denise Malaussena, Entrepreneur Paris, France

A rare combination of elegance, functionality and beauty: I have never felt such satisfaction in the purchase of a bag! The Aida bag elevates not only what you wear but also how you feel.

Inyang Ebong-Harstrup, Development Practitioner, Washington, DC USA