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IPAD Case. Clutch. Cross Body Bag

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This item comes with the Kerma bag purchase and this item can be sold separately.


The KERMA Travel and Work Bag also contains the versatile NONI IPAD Case created to meet your ‘full cycle’ needs for - Travel, Work and Leisure.

Our clients love this practical NONI case addition to our travel concept (the men’s version is in plain leather), as it means that you are able to pull out a smaller bag that can eliminate the need to take along another spare handbag for after-work leisure outings.

*The NONI BAG in fact became so popular with our clients, it is now also available for sale as a separate item!

Thoughtful Design

From experience, we also know that the life of the frequent traveller means you often need to attend business dinners or social events once your business appointments are over. We also know that the next day you may well need to explore what the local cultural sites, museums and shops have to offer.

For this Amal felt compelled to think of a multi-purpose smaller size bag, as part of the Kerma Travel and Work Bag, with features that can meet all these professional travel and leisure needs at once! - without sacrificing personal style.

Versatility and Function

IPAD Case, Evening Clutch and Cross-Body Bag

1. The Work Case

The NONI IPAD Case was also designed as an alternative option to the included Laptop/Case for your travel or business meetings.

With an easy zip on two sides, it is ideal for easily sliding in your IPAD with clever handmade compartments that can secure in place your phone, several credit cards and cash. The zipper puller has a small snap hook to attach and have quick access to a USB key. Snap on the leather shoulder strap and you now readily have a smaller business case to attend your work meetings.

2. The Evening Clutch

To allow for the “full-cycle” options for the traveller, we gave much thought on how to ensure a modular-style functionality for your evening events. Afterall, many business trips often include social invites to dinner, theatre or gala events. The result was to create this versatile IPAD Case that converts into an evening clutch, with a more contemporary style.

This was especially perfect for Women, who now no longer need to carry “on-flight” a separate handbag for more social or leisure needs after working hours.

Preserving the spirit of functionality, the interior of the NONI has been carefully designed with handmade compartments that can cleverly secure in place your phone, several credit cards, cash and make-up needs for your night out.

The included small silver-tone chain is also thoughtfully conceived for you to snap on to your NONI, just to add a bit of sparkle to your night out. With the open-closure silver tone ring you can attach any fun object to add a bit of personalised style as an Evening Clutch.

3. The Day Bag

Finished with work and dinner engagements? It's time to relax and take in the local cultural sights, visit local museums, galleries or see what the local shops and markets have to offer. All you have to do is simply snap on the leather strap provided onto the NONI IPAD case converting the NONI to Cross-Body Bag for your day about town.

Note: The NONI IPAD Case/Evening Clutch/Cross-Body Bag for women is designed with 100% European hair-on cowhide.The MEN’s version is in plain smooth grain leather.

*The interior of the KERMA Travel and Work Bag contains a strap to slide in your NONI IPAD Case designed for safekeeping, easy visibility and quick access (alongside the removable Laptop/Briefcase) to this item.

Specification & materials

  • Handmadein Italy
  • Smooth grain leather
  • Dimensions: W 27cm H 19cm, L 1.5cm
  • Two sided silver-tone zip opening
  • Silver-tone chain and snap/hook - (style of chain may vary from image above according to production requirements)
  • Interior of the case has handmade 3 horizontal and 1 vertical card/cash compartments, with one larger vertical pocket for phone and small logo/leather pocket for coins.
  • Adjustable and removable leather strap 122-142 cm (Included with KERMA Bag set)
  • Also available with NONI IPAD/Case when bought separately
  • Logo embossed on exterior (on Men plain leather version only) and interior of NONI case. Lining: 100% Cotton MEDANI dust bag provided when sold separately


The NONI IPAD CASE is 100% European hair-on cowhide (laser cut and/or reverse laser cut or silk printed) will require special handling as over time leather may crease and soften which is part of the natural aging process.

On the NONIs with European hair-on cowhide. There may be possible loss of the cow-hair and colour fading due to the natural aging process.

To ensure product longevity, wipe with lightly damp cloth for cleaning, avoid prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight and avoid water.

When not in use, place the product in The KERMA or NONI dust-bag or box.