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Key holder

Currently item not sold separately. Item sold with the Kerma bag.


When traveling or going to work, we know that the one item you do not need to access when you leave home to travel or go to work are your home key(s).

At the same time, the constant traveller will tell you that the one item that you dare not lose along the way are the keys that will let you back into your home after a long business day or holiday trip!

Thoughtful Design:

Making sure that the loss of your home key is not an option when you travel (and yes, this design feature is unfortunately a result of actual experience!), a specially designed leather-encased compartment with a magnetic closure was designed to precisely avert such a possibility.

The leather Key Holder contains a small key chain with an attached snap-close hook and a zip closure, which can then be placed securely inside the snap-close pocket compartment.

As you embark on your journey or go to work, the Key Holder is secured away in this snap-close pocket and not to be opened until you actually need it – when you are safely back home.

Our clients, of course, have also found this secured pocket perfect for placing precious items, such as small jewellery pieces and/or USB/Flash drives for safe keeping.

*The interior of the KERMA Travel and work Bag contains a specific leather-encased pocket compartment designed for safekeeping, easy visibility and quick access to this item.

Specification & materials

  • Handmade in Italy
  • Smooth grain leather
  • Dimensions: W 11.5cm, H 7.5cm, L 1cm
  • Silver tone chain and hook-closure to hold keys
  • Silver tone zip closure on top side of key holder case
  • Logo embossed on exterior of key holder
  • Lining: 100% Cotton (ask)


The Key Holder is made of smooth grain leather and with time leather may soften and crease, which as part of the natural aging process.

To ensure product longevity, wipe with lightly damp cloth for cleaning, avoid prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight and avoid water.

When not in use, place product in The KERMA dust-bag or box.